“You may feel weak but within you is the strength to leave, within you is the strength to overcome and achieve what you deserve.”

I can remember feeling that this was right. The way he treated me, the things he said were all in my mind “ok” because he loved me. “Till death do you part” constantly rang in the depths of my soul and I was determined to make it work, stay; even in spite of what was going on and the pain I was enduring. This was the mind of an abused woman mentally, physically & emotionally. After many years of remaining quiet and tolerating the silent abuse I decided that I would no longer be the face of a victim; nor would my children be subjected to accepting the abuse as normal behavior. On August 22, 1999 I walked out of a relationship that spanned over 12 years & a marriage of 5 years to my freedom, to breathing.
My freedom from him I had accomplished but internally I was still very much captive. It was not until October 2013, when I spoke at a domestic violence event that my silence broke. Unknown to my family, my children and friends I’d kept my life, the abuse a secret. At this event I was so moved by how my story touched the lives in the room not only did I free my secret of being a survivor of domestic violence, I also shared my experience of surviving sexual assault in the military. It was at that moment that I truly exhaled and I began to forgive those who had hurt me and made me feel unworthy of being the woman that God created me to be.
No Longer The Face Foundation was born as my desire to do something to help others; like me. I didn’t want not one woman feeling like she had to stay because no one wanted her, that the children needed their father, she was afraid of what others would think, she was too scared or fearful of starting over alone. Since our first event in June 2014 our organization has evolved into a network of survivors, resources, supporters & advocates all with the common, joint goal of putting an end to domestic violence.
I want to thank supporters like you for making our mission and vision reality. With your continued commitment through volunteering & donations you are enabling victims to become survivors. No Longer The Face Foundation will continue to connect locally & globally through partnerships to save one life at a time. Together we can, together we will make a difference.


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