Necole F. Turner

Necole F. Turner is a professor, legal researcher and writer, wife and mother of two from a small town in Alabama. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Having a curiosity and love of the law she then turned her focus to attending the Jones School of Law in the cradle of the civil rights movement, Montgomery, Alabama. She graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 2002 and afterwards went to work as a law clerk for a firm specializing in criminal defense.

Her motto of “the best thing that we have to offer is the gift of knowledge to all we encounter” is something that applies in her everyday life. Her company “Innovative Butterfly” serves as a creative outlet for her writings and helps others develop strategies to empower themselves in life and in business. In addition, she serves as VP of Marketing and Recruiting at EX3 Books, “The Empowerment Publishing Company”.

While struggling personally in finding lasting, meaningful friendships with other women she became interested in journaling. She found that in journaling she could share her observations about the interaction of women with one another. Her thoughts ultimately became Reflections of the Butterfly: Affirmations for Empowerment which empowers others to “transform” into whom they were meant to be. Affectionately known as “The Butterfly”, Necole has been a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and presents on topics such as women’s empowerment, relationship building and creating a balance between life, love and work. Her passion and heart’s mission is to help young girls realize their inner beauty with her flagship program “The Beautiful Butterfly Project” and speaks to middle and high school girls in Atlanta.