The Slipper & The Robe Campaign

The Story
The Christmas I received my robe and fluffy slippers from my children was the very moment I felt the most covered and relaxed while going through my abusive relationship.  Their gift was the most precious and beautiful way of them unknowingly giving me a feeling of peace. I kept those items for the longest time, even after the shoes were falling apart & the robe became full of holes. While the items showed extreme signs of ware I still felt…..covered. This same memory, feeling I experienced is what I want to share with other Victims & Survivors.
Whether it’s a Girl’s Night In or Out, a Slumber Party or just a simple get together of friends you can now assist No Longer The Face Foundation in our The Slipper & The Robe Campaign.
What do you need to do?
1.  Click on the icon.
2.  Complete the form.
3.  Select your date.
4.  Invite you friends and family
5.  Encourage your guests to bring robes & slippers or donate funds.
6.  After your event box up your robe & slipper donations.
7.  Contact No Longer The Face Foundation.
THAT’S ALL!  You can make your hosted event whatever you want it to be all while helping No Longer The Face Foundation in our fight against domestic violence!